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50,000+ double opt-in subscribers with Solo Ad Blaster to gain the perfect way to reach new prospects and advertise your Business!

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>> Since 2004

The Solo Ad Blaster Guarantee:

Our solo ads could get you any where from Hundreds to Thousands of Clicks!

While we can't guarantee the sales, opt-ins... But, we can guarantee that at least 250+ people will open your email ad and click on your website url. Currently we are offering solo ads with the Guarantee of 250, 500 and 1,000 Clicks!

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Don't Have Your Own List Of Customers You Can
Sell To? Forget Expensive Offline Advertising Like
Newspaper Classifieds, Or Free Online Resources...

Discover How To Utilize Someone Else's List Of More Than
50 Thousand Double Opt-In Prospects

It's Much Easier & More Worthwhile Than You'd Imagine...

You're a webmaster, product developer, affiliate or internet marketer looking for a hungry audience of visitors that will read your offer and act on your instructions to buy the recommended product or service. The ideal scenario you visualise is for your promotion to be an absolute hit, with sale after sale ringing up, and your profits going through the roof.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Some people would scoff at the description of those circumstances, because they're naturally negative, and might have been burned by one program or another elsewhere. But you know something? It doesn't have to be an unrealistic state of affairs... How do you think successful marketers make their fortunes? It's through sales -- and lots of them!

So how do they make all these sales? Through advertising of course. But not just any advertising...

At SoloAdBlaster.net, we've researched our potential customer's needs, and understand what they are looking for in an advertising venue. In turn, we know in advance exactly what they expect. We also identify with the fact that many people promoting their opportunity might not have their own web site, or an existing list of customers that they can email with an offer. This makes if difficult for the regular marketer to gain access to the right type of targeted audience that will be open to their offer.

Yes the journey can be frustrating as you struggle to find the right outlet to promote to, and even harder to find suitable ones that generate the kind of results you need to make your business sustainable for the long-term.

There Is Only One Proven Solution At Hand That Can Get Your
Ads Read By Many AND Provide A HUGE Potential For
More Sales At A Reasonable Cost...

Solo Ads!

This is the principal form of email advertising online that has surpassed many other advertising vehicles for years. Because solo ads are delivered to a warm audience of double opt-in subscribers, it means that the reader has given their express permission to be emailed with offers that they're interested in. Because these emails are sent directly to the list's subscribers, and they include one stand-alone advertisement from our customers, there is a higher chance that the email will be read, and the prospect will be compelled to visit the advertised web site.

Using proven tactics like including the recipient's name in an eye-catching subject line will certainly help to get your solo ad email read. Using a subject line that doesn't attract attention will simply leave your email unread, and possibly deleted without being seen... But if you take the time to utilise smart marketing methods that generate interest to pique the reader's attention, the rest is simply up to your ad copy.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should use our solo ad blasting service today:

  • You can reach more than 50,000 warm prospects very quickly...

  • There is no chance of being accused of SPAM because our lists are 100% double opt-in and CAN-SPAM compliant...

  • Because our lists are double opt-in, you can be sure our prospects are actively seeking money-making programs, work from home opportunities, products and services, and free offers etc.

  • Your ad will be the only ad in the solo ad email sent to our prospects, so the attention will be on YOUR offer...

  • We allow a maximum of 3000 plain text characters, or 50x60 characters per line in the solo ad body which isn't too long to be disregarded by the reader...

  • You don't need to join any lists or receive any emails by advertising in our lists...

  • Our solo ads include an unsubscribe link for the subscriber making it CAN-SPAM compliant...

  • Our list demographics include general English-speaking subscribers in several ezines and marketing groups from countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Our lists are continually cleaned of bouncing emails, and remains fresh and up-to-date with thousands of new subscribers weekly.

  • We guarantee a minimum of 300 visitors to your web site!

Because we provide our customers with a safe, user-friendly platform to send advertising from, we experience many return customers who have been more than satisfied with the results generated from their past ad campaigns.

If you've never tried solo advertising before, then why not try it today... Maybe you still haven't made your first sale online yet? If that's so, then you simply must try a solo ad campaign in your next promotion to see for yourself what a huge difference it can make to your profits.

As an advertiser, you can use our service for many purposes such as:

  1. Generate leads by promoting a splash page with an opt-in form that builds your list automatically.

  2. Drive traffic to your web site to increase the popularity and page ranking.

  3. Boost awareness of your company brand and project a professional image to your prospects.

  4. To announce new products and services to a targeted audience of interested readers.

  5. Sending special discounted offers or free time-limited deals that will gain a high response instantly.

  6. Build your affiliate army by offering existing affiliates a way to make more money online by promoting your products and services.

  7. Creating interest in your MLM program to build a downline of members/subscribers that may generate a residual income for you.

  8. Encouraging people to visit your blog or to connect with you on FaceBook and Twitter etc.

Put Simply -- Solo Ads Work & They Provide Visitors
To Your Website. Once You Use Solo Ads To Promote Your Business, You May Not Look Back.

Targeted solo advertising is popular for very good reason. It generates sales which turn into commissions and profits. Advertisers love the flexibility of solo ads because they can generate an increased ROI resulting in a viable, profitable business.

In fact, did you know that the more times a prospect reads your solo ad offer, the more likely they will be to buy? Consider these statistics provided by the National Sales Association:

  • 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact

  • 3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact

  • 5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact

  • 10% of sales are made on the 4th contact

  • 80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact

It's with these statistics in mind that we've created three different advertising packages for you to choose from below. All you need to do to setup a new solo ad campaign is choose the campaign that suits your needs from the three available options, then make your payment. Once you've submitted your ad copy to our system, we'll take care of distributing your solo ad to our network for you.

Then you can sit back, and wait for the visitors to come to your website! We wish you all the best with your new campaign today.

The Solo Ad Blaster Guarantee:

Our solo ads could get you any where from Hundreds to Thousands of Clicks! While we cant guarantee sales,opt-ins... But, we can guarantee that at least 300+ people will open your email ad and click on your website url.

Click Here to try our solo ads today or continue reading below for more info.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the recipients?

We partner with over a dozen very large opt-in ezines, safelists and email marketing groups with 50,000+ members currently and growing. We developed a very efficient enrolment process for our all our email lists and now thousands of members are added to our email list every month. Our membership base is increasing everyday!

All of the recipients are general English-speaking (mostly USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand & Canada) consumers 100% opt-in and interested in receiving information about business offers, new products and services, home-based business opportunities, ways to make money fast and network marketing opportunities.

Do you guarantee that I will make sales?

Nobody can guarantee sales/optins. However we can guarantee you that you shall get good email opening rate and atleast 300+ clicks to your website.

Your success involves too many factors out of our control (solo email ad copy, subject line, your product or service, your offer etc). We'll get your message deliver to the new prospects, all you have to do is convince them and make the sale!

Will I be required to join any lists in order for my ad to be sent?

No. You are not required to join any list or receive any email ads in order to send your own solo email ad. All you need to do is submit your copy of solo ad and it shall be sent on the scheduled date.

Will I be accused for spamming?

You will NEVER be accused of spamming. We are sending your solo email advertising to only those people who have given their consent to receive emails from us or our solo email marketing partners.

These leads are 100% double opt in and extremely safe to use.

How soon the solo ad shall go out?

We have been sending solo ads for our customers since 2004. And, till now have served THOUSANDS of customers. It's because of this our solo ads are usually booked from 1 week to 1 month in advance.

If you are seriously interested in trying our solo ads. Please do not delay. The sooner you book the solo ad spot, the sooner it shall go out.


Read What Other's Have to Say about our Solo Ads:

We have served Hundreds of Clients. And, a very good number of them were really happy with the Results they got. Check out just few of the Testimonials we have received from our past clients:

Note that: Each one of the Testimonial is 100% genuine and Verifiable :)


"Awesome results again"

Hi Imran,

Awesome results again from your solo ad - it's doing some good numbers and I've already got the guaranteed number of clicks and you haven't even finished mailing yet!!

Some lists I've been testing with solo ads lately have been a complete joke. Really. But this is NOT the case with Imrans - I'm more than happy.

Thanks again dude :-)



"553 Visitors, 268 Subscribers, and 6 sales"

I just wanted to share with my fellow Warriors my own personal experience with doing a solo ad with Imran...

So far, I have received 553 Visitors, 268 Subscribers, and 6 sales

Plus, he hasn't even mailed out to his entire list yet. These are just my results so far going out to a portion of his list. So I'll be posting an update once he has completed mailing to all of his lists. But, needless to say, I am EXTREMELY satisfied with this solo ad.

If you have a proper sales system set up then advertising with Imran is a no-brainer.

Thanks again Imran!


Kim Roach


"more than exceeded my expectations"

Wow Imran…you more than exceeded my expectations with your solo ad service! I’m really looking forward to our next mailing with you.

Keep up the good work

Thanks again,


"I got great results"

Hey guys,

I bought a solo ad from Imran recently and I just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure doing business with him.

He genuinely tryies to help you get good results from his service and he delivers on all his promises.

I got great results with my unoptimized sales funnel so if you have a proven working sales funnel in place you should get a great return on your investment.




"I was really satisfied"

I used the services of Imran recently. I was really satisfied with his professionalism, his commitment to offer the best value to his clients. I was also satisfied with the results I got from my solo ad campaign.

I hope to get other solo campaigns running with Imran pretty soon ;-)

Thanks Imran



"list is very responsive"

I just wanted to thank Imran for the help and say that his list is very responsive. I did not realize he had started sending my offer and had the very nice surprise of several sales in paypal to start the morning off. I received many more opt ins and now have the beginnings of a pretty nice list. Very happy with the results and the service. A special thanks to you for taking the time to offer your expertise on my email.



"the best solo ad results i have had"

Hi Imran, Fantastic solo you sent for me, tons of opt-ins, the best solo ad results i have had. I will certainly be back in the future.




"Your list is second to none"


Thank you very much for great mailing, you have very responsive list - I got 235 new subscribers and 3 sales on back end, that's over 40% sign up.

Your list is second to none and I highly recommend your list. Great to do business with you.

Quality traffic and I'm looking forward to buying more solo mailings.

Thank you so much!

Best wishes,

Aigul Erali



Click Here to know How to Order our Solo Ads?


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